Payment Options / 付款方式

Local Payments Options (HONG KONG DOLLAR)

Pickup in-store:

  • Cash

  • Bank Transfer

  • EPS*

  • Credit Card* (Visa, Master, UnionPay and American Express)

*These payment options may not be available on certain products. Please refer to the product description for more information.

Local Delivery within Hong Kong:

  • Bank Transfer

  • Cash on Delivery**

  • Credit Card**

**These payment options may not be available on certain products. Please contact us after checkout if you want to use these payment options.


International Payment Options(US DOLLAR)

  • PayPal(with Verified Account)*

*Please switch the currency to USD at the upper left corner before adding item(s) to cart(see below). Contact us if you can't settle the payment by PayPal. 

*如沒有出現Paypal付款的選項請先把貨品從購物車刪除。然後在網站左上角把貨幣從“HKD”修改成“USD” (參考下面圖片),再重新把貨品加入購物車,然後再結帳



Purchased Item(s) will be shipped after payment is cleared. Please refer to the Shipping & Returns page for more information.