About Us

Our company, M & K Kamera, was established in 2009.
We are one of the most recognized dealer specialized in retailing Leica cameras, lenses and accessories.
Both of ours store in Hong Kong has been awarded the “Quality Tourism Services” certificate by Hong Kong Tourism Board since 2014.

As one of the most active Leica resellers, we are actively participating in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and online forums.

Apart from participating in social media, we also organize different shooting gathering at regular intervals.
Through the gatherings, customers can have a better understanding of different Leica products through firsthand experience.

齊齊影攝影器材 於2009年成立,我們以買賣Leica(徠卡)二手及全新相機和鏡頭為主,各版本的Leica M及Leica R鏡頭及配件佳齊全。我們香港的兩家店鋪由2014年起,成為「優質旅遊服務」計劃認證商戶