Cura Cleaning Set Micro Wiper alcohol free for Leica lens Summilux Summicron

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**Item condition and details**
It is in Brand New appearance. "CLEANER SOLUTION: This product is a cleaner of alcohol-use that has been developed in optical lens filter only.
Without damaging the target surface, gently clean the dirt. Also I dropped clean dirty hands oil.
Alcohol-based non-use of the cleaner that because coating, painting, places that use such as rubber, it does not choose the location.
(If the problem is not with the pre-wipe test the occasion your ※, please use on the check.)
Anyone I can quickly and easily cleaned.
Contents: Cleaner 15ml MICRO WIPER (micro wiper)
The special recipe, I will form a network structure of microfiber with a proper air gap to the surface.
Part of the Wari fibers is subdivided to nano size, even the cross-section in the modified cross-section, the fibers dirt of micro until the internal will continue scraping the dirt from entering.
Contents: 30 sheets Paper Use: Camera lens filters dirt off cleaning Capacity: 30 sheets cleaner 15ml / paper Material: Micro wiper: acrylic non-woven fabric Cleaner: special purified water, surfactant, sodium, volatile accelerator"

Made in Japan